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Answers :: The Retirement Source
How can I get more retirement income?
How can I be sure I won't outlive my money?
When if ever will I be able to retire?
How can I possibly cover future health care costs?
How should I invest in today's crazy market?


You already know the questions, you need answers. You are unlikely to find many worthwhile answers in today’s product sales-oriented marketplace. There is no magic bullet or super product that can answer any of these burning questions.

The only viable answers are to be found within yourself. Since you are a unique individual, you must develop your own unique solutions. You really must do it yourself, but you don't have to do it alone. We have more than twenty years of proven experience helping people accomplish just that before, during and after retirement. We are in the answers business.


You already know that this is not your grandfather’s retirement. Few people can expect to turn 65, get their gold watch and retire comfortably on their Social Security, pension and small savings. With disappearing pensions, questionable Social Security benefits and shrinking yields, you desperately need a reliable retirement solution. In today’s complex financial markets what was traditionally counted on as “income” simply will not be sufficient. You need spendable cash! The message is clear – something has to change. Since it is unlikely that the government is going to increase Social Security benefits (cuts are more likely). Employers are unlikely to expand pension benefits (most are eliminating them entirely). That is why the new retirement model is being called “YOYO” retirement that means "You’re On Your Own."

If you are like most people in the pre-retirement mode, you have already figured out that you will not be able to have an acceptable retirement unless you can engineer some major changes in your financial situation. Every decision you make bears on how well you will live in your later years and what legacy you will leave behind.

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