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That’s why we specialize in retirement, succession and legacy wealth management. The first question anyone asks us about potential retirement is, “Will I have enough money to…?”

  • Continue to live at my current lifestyle
  • Take care of my family’s needs (including adult children and aging parents)
  • Cover all potential lifetime medical costs
  • Pay for the enormous potential cost of long term care
  • Help educate my children and grandchildren
  • Support my favorite charities
  • Leave an inheritance for my family

We would all love to have quick and simple way to be assured that we can accomplish these important goals, but realistically we know that retirement success is illusive in today’s economy. Most of the public opinion polls show that the majority of people in pre-retirement are frightened that they will not be able to retire. Many of those who are already retired are scared that they will run out of money during their lifetime.

If you want to have a successful retirement you must personally take charge! That means you will have to redefine “retirement” and redefine “success” in terms of your own personal circumstances. For many people the new retirement means working longer (if allowed), taking another job (if possible to find one), starting a business or downsizing their lifestyle. In some cases people do all of the above in what is called “serial retirement”. Yes, it is important to manage your investments well, but it is perhaps more important to manage your cash flow wisely.

One thing is abundantly clear for most people. You must be willing to begin adapting as soon as possible or risk failure. Failure in retirement is just not an acceptable option.

We believe that virtually all financial planning is ultimately about retirement living and estate transfers. So, we concentrate on finding out what is truly important to you. Our focus then is on helping you formulate a realistic plan to achieve as much as is possible of those goals. While we are mindful of short-term needs we never lose sight of the impact of decisions on the longest conceivable time horizon for financial and life planning for your family’s future.

We do not deal in unrealistic promises and pipe dreams; we specialize in helping clients with real world retirement solutions to real world questions.

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