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About Us & Our Firm

THE RETIREMENT SOURCE® is a fee-based wealth management firm built on the principle that client families should continue to have as much control over their quality of life as possible. This long-term approach to financial planning is commonly thought of as “retirement and estate planning.” Recognizing that there are many things outside your control, in reality it is an adaptive, multi-generational wealth management strategy for continued financial independence in retirement and beyond.


Our mission as THE RETIREMENT SOURCE® is to help our clients build and preserve their family's quality of life through the generations

Our Mission Statement says it all. We concentrate on building lifelong relationships with client families. In order to do so we believe it is vital that we continue to make a material positive difference in that client’s quality of life. That means not just trying our best to earn solid rates of risk-adjusted investment returns, but also to help them to gain control over all aspects of their personal financial management.

To meet these needs, we continue to adapt our very comprehensive financial planning approach called the S-T-A-R-S System for Retirement SuccessSM in direct response to client feedback. This is a values-based system that addresses all ongoing financial and estate planning in the context of seeking the highest level of long-term control for client families and achievement of success and completion.

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