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Our Process

Successful Retirement Planning

Our process is simple. (But the work we have to do is definitely not):

  • Spend ample time getting to know you. This may take a number of meetings.
  • Understand your needs, wants and desires for yourself and your family.
  • Help you to compile and organized your financial resources. Many people consider this alone to be a great benefit.
  • Evaluate and explain your alternative retirement solutions.
  • Make it happen – as much as you agree that is realistically possible.
  • Help you monitor progress and adapt to changing circumstances.

Since we are retirement specialists and our focus is on building long-term client relationships, we believe in investing the time to find out how we can help you. We begin by asking these three questions:

  1. What is it you really want for yourself and your family’s future?
  2. What are you concerned about that nobody is helping you with?
  3. What one thing, that is possible to do, would make the biggest positive impact on your family’s quality of life?

We recognize that no two families are alike; so we have no generic clients. That is why we have no generic plans, no generic recommendations and no generic investment portfolios. All our work is custom-tailored to the individual client’s need.

Of course we do have a standard, systematized approach that enables us to do custom work on an affordable basis. Our proprietary S-T-A-R-S System for Retirement SuccessSM is the comprehensive framework for our financial planning. Because it is scalable, it serves clients of all ages and financial circumstances.

Most people agree that by preparing a complete, comprehensive plan at the outset, they gain confidence in their ability to deal with the uncertain future.

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