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Overview of "No Fear Ideas"

Our Mission Statement says, "We help our clients build and preserve their family’s quality of life through the generations." To us that requires we take the time to understand exactly what that means to each of our clients. This involves not only a series of in-person interviews, but also usually a comprehensive financial plan. We do not assume we can please every person or meet every expectation.

We prefer to work only with clients with whom we have a meeting of the minds as to our ability to meet their expectations. On that basis we do our best to cover all aspects of their family quality of life issues including (but not limited to):

General Client Services:

  • Retirement Reality Check
  • Free Retirement Screening
  • Personal Financial Management and Succession Planning
  • Investment Portfolio Review and Recommendation
  • Investment Portfolio Stress Testing
  • Retirement Plan Investment Guidance (401k’s etc.)
  • Retirement Plan Distribution Strategy and Tax Planning
  • Cash Flow and Income Tax Planning
  • Personal Values-Based Estate Planning
  • Risk Management and Insurance Coverage Review
  • Risk-Controlled Investment Supervision

Advanced Services for High Net Worth Clients:

  • Unified Supervision of All Investment Accounts (regardless of where held)
  • Strategic Planning for Tax-Efficient Investment
  • Separately Managed Accounts
  • Alternative Investments
  • Advanced Family Gifting Strategy Review
  • Advanced Charitable Gifting Strategy Review

*Note that we are neither legal nor tax counselors, but we work closely with our clients’ advisors to achieve the desired results.

8160 Corporate Park Drive. Suite # 210, Cincinnati, OH 45242
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