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Master Control Index

One of the most popular and effective tools we developed as a part of the S-T-A-R-S System for Retirement SuccessSM is the Master Control Index. It is the key to Simplified Money Management and is also a vital part of an effective Asset Control – Planned Succession Management strategy.

Like many of the tools in the system, it came about quite by accident. Many years ago a client passed away. He had been an extremely organized person who kept virtually all forms of documents. His widow was going through the documents trying to find some important information for tax purposes. When we arrived at her home to help, we saw the entire dining room stacked high with documents going back many years.

It was at that point that we realized he had died with the index in his head. He undoubtedly could have found anything he wanted immediately, but nobody else could unravel his system. An effective management system anticipates that someday another person may need to find the important information. They need to know where each piece of information is, who is authorized to work with it and who to contact with questions or to take action.

Over the years, with repeated feedback from our clients, we have refined the Master Control Index to adapt to the times. For instance, in recent years, we have added warnings about identity theft. It is available below to download as a fill-in form for saving on your computer, but not submitting online due to security issues.

CLICK HERE to download the document.

NOTE: The above MASTER CONTROL INDEX file is in PDF format.
To open you need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. Adobe Reader (click on the icon to download)

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